The event that brings together more sports specialists in Europe (ECSS) has returned after 2 years of absence due to COVID – 19, and of course Biomech and its solutions to quantify the performance and/or recovery of professional athletes, are capturing the attention of its attendees.

Located at booth number 7, Daniel Iordanov (development manager) and Bruno Bazuelo (biomechanics manager) present to visitors the benefits of each of the technological innovations specialized in biomechanical analysis and custom developments.

Free trial of the Xsens system

In the company of Markus Skagbrant (Account Executive of Movella) hundreds of sports science specialists are experiencing the Xsens MVN Awinda and Xsens MVN Link motion capture system.

On the other hand, they have enjoyed the performance of Juana Bores Leal, acrobat gymnast, who has represented Spain on several occasions in international events. Her harmonic and perfectly worked movements have been recorded by our motion capture system that allows the measurement of accurate, reliable and real time data.

Biomech high-tech solutions

Other of our technologies have also caught the attention of the attendees at the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) congress in Seville:

1080 MOTION: this sports analysis system is a perfect tool to assess the effect of resisted or assisted load on the athlete, both in sprint movements and changes of direction as well as in strength movements. Thanks to its exclusive technology, the resistance applied can be varied smoothly and precisely at all times, allowing the effect on performance to be seen.

DELSYS: Delsys electromyography system with up to 32 high quality channels allows the recording of such signals in any environment and wirelessly to display this information in real time and for further analysis in the proprietary software. It also allows integration with other solutions such as motion capture systems.

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