Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. The electrical activity of the brain, which is measured by EEG, is maintained by billions of neurons. The EEG cannot capture the electrical potential generated by a single neuron because it is too small. Therefore, the voltages measured by the EEG always reflect the synchronous activity of thousands of neurons. EEG is produced primarily by cortical neurons, because activity from deeper sources is more difficult to detect than currents near the skull.

The SAGA 32/64 + system of our partner TMSi allows the recording of this type of signals in any environment (mobile or fixed), with high quality, without interference and without movement artifacts.


Data Recorder

It allows the registration of the different channels and sends the information to the Docking Station without data loss.

Instrumented cap

Caps are perfect for quick and clean measurement setups. The wiring and electrodes are embedded in a lightweight fabric. They are easy to use and place as you only need to inject some gel onto the electrodes to start your EEG measurement.

Docking Station

Stores the data recorded by the Data Recorder in any environment and serves as a battery for a longer duration of measurements and portable use.


TMSi Polybench

Software application with a simple and intuitive graphical interface for recording and displaying EEG data.

MATLAB Interface

It allows the online processing of data and quick access to the measurements carried out.