Complying with the task of bringing the best technological solutions to Spain, we have a new strategic ally in our portfolio; It is Delsys, a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of wireless electromyography products. That is why biomech celebrates its new alliance with Delsys.

“We are committed to advancing the field of EMG in Spain and now, working together with biomech, we are confident that we can offer closer support to the Spanish market with their long history of customer relationships and excellent knowledge of the field”: Dr. Steven Lindley , Delsys Europa

We are happy to announce this new collaboration, since it consolidates our mission of offering new alternatives for those clients who want to improve their monitoring levels with the multiple advantages that Deslys offers with its different sensors.

Why choose Delsys sensors?

Trigno Avanti Sensor

Biomech’s extensive experience allows us to identify the advantages of its products over the competition. The first is the quality of the sensors, their manufacturing is excellent, they are elements made to be used for a long time. But as if that were not enough, its technical service stands out for being fast and effective.

On the other hand, it is characterized by having multiple sensor options, with specific solutions, being more practical and effective for the professional who uses them. One of the reasons why most universities, clinics and research centers trust Delsys.

“This agreement with Delsys represents a strategic alliance for biomech and a step forward in our goal of being the reference partner in biomechanics. Delsys will allow us to offer all our clients in Spain and Portugal the most advanced solutions in the field of surface EMG. I am extremely grateful for the trust placed by Delsys in our company and it is only the beginning”: Jose Luis Rivas CEO & Founder – biomech

Good experiences with Delsys

Athletes such as Dan Bigham, a British track and road cyclist, have already been able to see the benefit of these sensors on their performance, as he describes his experience after breaking the British record with a distance of 54.723 km:

Dan Bigham

“I have always sought to reduce the resistance generated by the air. This has been achieved by optimizing my position, clothing and equipment choices. These interventions effectively reduce the power demands to drive at record speed.

After controlling these elements, it was important to focus on the biomechanical factors that would increase propulsive force generation, effectively increasing my available power over the entire duration. This is where the EMG sensors allowed us to collect more information to optimize muscle force production, especially in the later stages of the race when fatigue can start to set in”.

Joss Lowden

Joss Lowden, a British cyclist, has also been able to boost his physical activity by making use of the data produced by Delsys technology. These are his statements after obtaining the women’s world record with a distance of 48.405 km:

“Being a world record holder is surreal. Many weeks, months and years of hard work and preparation have allowed me to achieve this performance, and it is still difficult to fathom.

I was very happy with my ride and knowing that my muscular capabilities, inferred from the EMG data during the training session, would withstand the power required for the duration of the hour really helped. That knowledge was a huge benefit in keeping the belief and keeping my pace throughout the record attempt.


I had never considered using EMG as a training intervention before, but now I can really appreciate the value of the data we can receive through Delsys sensors”.

So now we will begin to outline new opportunities in Spain, where we have a lot of talent that, combined with Delsys solutions, we are sure will become the perfect formula for success.